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Andrew McMahon

At Oran Mor

Every seven to ten years, the human body replaces itself with a new set of cells. Not only does this physical turnover occur multiple times over the course of a lifetime, it serves as a decent metaphor for personal and professional growth. If anyone understands renewal, it’s Andrew McMahon. Over the last two decades, the veteran indie-pop singer-songwriter has experienced musical rebirth many times, ever since he started entertaining audiences in the ‘00s alt-pop outfit Something Corporate, and he’s consistently arrived on the other side stronger than ever.

After leading Something Corporate to major chart success in the early 2000s, McMahon soon resurfaced with the more personal solo project Jack’s Mannequin, then moved on to release numerous hook-packed albums under his own name using the moniker Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. In 2006, following his own battle with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL), he launched the Dear Jack Foundation, which provides programming to benefit adolescents and young adults diagnosed with cancer. Through it all, the East Coast-born, SoCal-based singer and musical collaborator has created a stunning catalog of introspective, impossibly catchy piano pop. His enthralling new project, Tilt At The Wind No More (Nettwerk), is just the latest example of his immeasurable staying power.


Jun 29 2023





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