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Football Cliches Live

At Oran Mor

The podcast the streets will never forget.

Since launching in 2020, the Football Clichés podcast has been on a relentless search for the true meaning of football.

Why do we talk about it the way we do? Just how big is a “pocket” of space? What’s the least impressive thing that football could consider “a classy touch”? Which is worse: a “carthorse” or a “donkey”? How many errors constitute “a comedy of errors”? What’s the worst football action scene in cinema history? What’s the most “kit launch” pose a footballer can strike?

After 2022’s sold-out tour of the UK and Ireland, the Clichés pod is going back on the road with its unique angle on the modern game. Join the Adjudication Panel of Adam Hurrey, Charlie Eccleshare and David Walker for the most pedantic footballing night of all time.


Feb 28 2024


07:30 - 23:00



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