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Kim Blythe: Might As Well

At Oran Mor

Embracing her innate comedic flair, Kim Blythe, aka Kimbo from TikTok, ventures into the world of stand-up comedy in “Might as Well.”

Friends, family, and strangers on the internet label her a natural born comedian, and now Kim is diving headfirst into the stand-up realm, realising she’s got nothing to lose.

This debut show offers a candid glimpse behind the camera, sharing tales from her childhood to navigating the pitfalls of adulthood. As she takes her humour beyond the screen, “Might as Well” dives into Kim’s unique perspective as she attempts to live up to previous online comments such as “for a woman, you’re quite funny.” and “I don’t like lgbt but ur the exception”

Brace yourself for a no-holds-barred exploration of life’s comedic chaos, “Might as Well” is Kim’s inaugural show.


Mar 30 2024





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