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Snow White and the Seven Maws

At Oran Mor

Think you’re having a bad day? Snow White’s is worse. She’s just found out that not only has her dad, the King, remarried – but he’s only gone and died!

Snow White and her trusty nanny – Hedda Lettuce – are now stuck at the palace with a complete heid-the-baw who wants to be known as Wicked Stepmother. A woman so vain that she spends half the day yacking to herself in the mirror. However, when the mirror tells the Wicked Stepmother that Snow White is the prettiest in the land, well it all goes completely tonto….

Will Snow White escape her heart being shredded and minced into next week’s pies? Will the Wicked Stepmother have a legally binding name? And who the hell are the Seven Maws?

Only one way to find out, book your ticket for this year’s subversive Christmas extravaganza…

If you require a Gluten Free Pie please email 24 hours in advance to advise. Gluten Free Pies must be ordered prior to the day and if not, we can not guarantee a Gluten Free Pie


Jan 04 2024



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Mumbelina is in trouble. You see, life isn’t easy when you’re short. Just ask Dec from Ant & Dec. But Mumbelina has started to shrink, rapidly!