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Glasgow International Comedy Festival at Òran Mór

Friday, February 7th, 2020

Whyte & Mackay Glasgow International Comedy Festival have been bringing world-class comedy to Glasgow for over a decade, and in 2020 the festival is back for its 18th year! 

For all rescheduled dates original tickets are valid, or refunds are available from your point of purchase if the new date doesn’t suit.

Refunds will be issued automatically for all cancelled events.

The Lions of Lisbon
12th March

If you know the history, don’t just remember it, relive it. May 1967. 10,000 of the world’s greatest supporters embarked on the most important crusade since the quest for the Holy Grail. They hailed from Scotland, Ireland, and every corner of the globe. Most were Celtic daft. Some were just plain daft.

Craig Hill: Bottoms Up
13th March & 14th March

If you’re a gin, he’s a tonic! Join Craig as he pops his cork to toast his 20th solo show – this is one fun mixer that will keep you fizzy all the way to the bottom!

Fern Brady/Alfie Brown
15th March 4.30pm & 15th March 8pm

Fern Brady and Alfie Brown Live Special Recording.  Two of the UK’s most exciting comedians are filming their specials live at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival.

Josie Long: Tender RESCHEDULED to 1.11.20
16th March

Three-time Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee and very-hard-to-pin-down-indie-underdog-nightmare Josie Long is back with a brand new show after a brief hiatus, during which she had a baby and so on.

JoJo Sutherland: Riches to Rags CANCELLED
18th March

Jojo Sutherland grew up in a castle and has steadily worked her way down ever since.

Aged 14, her family moved overnight from a castle to a caravan. Would life be different if she hadn’t moved? Does dealing with life’s unpredictability make you happier? Is laughter the route to eternal happiness?

In Conversation with Jonathan Watson CANCELLED
19th March

Jonathan Watson chats to Graham Spiers.

Dr Phil Differ: Ego CANCELLED
20th March

Join Dr Phil as he explores the region of his mind that lies between self esteem and self doubt while attempting not to be too big headed in the process.

Sofie Hagen: The Bumswing RESCHEDULED to 2.11.20
21st March

One of British comedy’s most exciting talents (although she’s Danish), winner of the prestigious Edinburgh Best Newcomer Award, a cult podcaster, and now the author of the hugely successful book ‘Happy Fat’, Sofie Hagen returns to the Glasgow International Comedy Festival with a brand new show direct from the Edinburgh Fringe.

The Ether Frolics of Ballinascreen CANCELLED
22nd March

The true story of the ‘ether drinking craze’ which swept through Ulster in the late 19th century.

The Pun Lovin’ Criminals Live CANCELLED
23rd March

The undisputed kings of the mashup have finally succumbed to public pressure to perform a set of their greatest hits from their 6 years as the house band for The Annual Chamipunship.

Arabella Weir
24th March & 25th March SOLD OUT RESCHEDULED to 28.9.20 & 29.9.20

Tickets for 24 Mar will be valid for 28 Sep and 25 Mar tickets will be valid for 29 Sep

The mother of all confessional shows from the bestselling author and star of The Fast Show and Two Doors Down. Does My Mum Loom Big In This? is for everyone who’s had a mother or been a mother, featuring hair-raising hilarious true stories from Arabella’s dysfunctional childhood and her life as a single working mother.

Alan Bissett: The Red Hourglass RESCHEDULED to 3.11.20
26th March & 27th March

A dazzling, unique performance from Alan Bissett, the Fringe First-winning creator of the classic Scottish play The Moira Monologues. Here he inhabits five characters – three male, two female, none of them human – locked up together in a mysterious research facility. This is a shape-shifting, virtuoso acting display that confronts humankind’s greatest fears, and will make you tremble…with laughter.

Alun Cochrane POSTPONED – new date TBC
28th March

A new date is still being worked on and will be announced as soon as possible.

Strap. The heck. In! No more Mr Nice-Person! Alun (*The Cockerel) Cochrane intends to drop truth-bombs and articulate thought-crimes about vegetables, gender, religion, and washing machines.

In Conversation with… Elaine C Smith CANCELLED
29th March

BAFTA-winning actor, comedian, singer, writer, independence campaigner, panto legend, feminist and socialist, Smith is rarely accused of lacking opinions. Fiercely funny and the most influential household name in Scotland.

Ray Bradshaw Deafinitely Baby RESCHEDULED to 4.11.20

Multi award-winning comedian Ray Bradshaw is returning to the Glasgow Comedy Festival after his smash-hit show Deaf Comedy Fam won four comedy awards in 2018 including an Adelaide Fringe award and a Scottish Culture Award. In the past 12 months he has become a dad and is thankful he gave up on his looks in his early 20’s because he hasn’t slept properly in months.

Paddy Raff: Raff Out Loud RESCHEDULED to 5.11.20

Fresh from his sold out headline show in Belfast’s SSE Arena, Northern Ireland comedy sensation Paddy Raff brings his popular brand of stand-up & musical comedy to the Whyte & Mackay Glasgow International Comedy Festival.

Dane Baptiste: The Chocolate Chip RESCHEDULED to 6.3.21

Baptiste is back on international tour with a brand new stand-up show.

Dane is now a Grown Ass Black Man. Too old to be concerned with chicken or trainers. Too young to be considered a peer of Trevor McDonald. Has he got a chip on his shoulder? Yes. A chocolate one.