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Natalie & Kevin… Our Òran Mór Bride & Groom Chillas!

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

Natalie and Kevin visited the venue in September 2017 and loved our unique Auditorium instantly. They then returned to see the venue another couple of weeks later at our April Wedding Fayre. At this point the couple voiced their concerns about the size of the venue, layout and how everything was going to come together. After a 10/15 minute pep talk, explaining that the wedding fayre was full of suppliers, lots of people and laid out completely differently from the way their wedding would be, the couple were finally reassured. So note to any prospective brides and grooms, DO NOT worry when you go to your venue’s Wedding Fayre, the venue WILL look and feel completely different from the first time you saw it and on the day of your wedding!

In all my experience of working with brides, Natalie Armitage the new Mrs Donaghy, was probably the most laid back bride I have ever worked with – which I have recently discovered is what you call a Bridechilla, rather than a Bridezilla. To the point that only 6 months before her wedding we met to discuss the progress of her wedding planning and she still hadn’t chosen her florist. It’s safe to say I was certainly on her back for the next couple of weeks after that meeting, chasing her to get a florist booked pronto!

At our final meeting approximately 1 month before their wedding, it was clear to me that Natalie had nailed it. Everything was booked and organised, including 120 personalised Cadburys dairy milk bars for each of her wedding guests, which I was extremely impressed with – Dairy Milk is my absolute favourite! Natalie had booked Eros Fairytale Flowers who provided a simple wooden log, and floral jars for centrepieces. Groom Kevin had named each table after a Celtic football legend. The couple booked Make Believe Events  to provide the standard fairy light package, accompanied by pastel coloured lanterns from each of the side canopies.

After much chasing and lots of catch ups on the lead up, the big day finally arrived where Natalie and Kevin married at St Peters Church in Hyndland. Photographer Gail Photography  had gathered Kevin and his Groomsmen outside the church for some pre wedding photographs, and as if by magic and I have been told was definitely not planned, ex Celtic player Pat McGinlay happened to be passing by at this exact point. Of course, the boys took full advantage of this and made sure to get a picture of this moment. Natalie arrived at the church and the couple were married, before heading to Òran Mór where they were joined by guests for a cocktail drinks reception and a selection of sweet treats and cake table provided by Little Cake Parlour.

When Natalie and Kevin met with me for the final time the day before their wedding, Natalie had made clear that she couldn’t be bothered going to the Botanic Gardens for pictures and just wanted to get to the venue to see all of the hard work she had put in. We joked that Kevin would be in the Gardens himself on his wedding day for pictures, but surely Natalie was convinced. I am sure she will be thankful now that she did, because the pictures the couple have on this sunny October day are just stunning.

Natalie arrived to the Auditorium at Òran Mór and was completely blown away by the setup of the room, all of her hard work had paid off. Little did she know though that Kevin had one final plan up his sleeve. Kevin had called me 3 or 4 weeks before the wedding date to inform me that he was going to book some entertainment to surprise his Bride on the day of the wedding. Kevin explained that Natalie at put in a huge effort planning their big day and he had done very little, so he wanted to surprise his bride with singing waiters during dinner.

Starters and mains were served, meaning that it was nearly time for the surprise entertainment to start. Bride Natalie, was circling the tables and after me giving Kevin the nod that we were ready to go, anxious groom Kevin attempted to get his new wife to sit back at the top table. Natalie was having none of it and as usual was enjoyed a good gab with her loved ones. The decision was made, that we would start the surprise entertainment without the bride being back in her seat. After a couple of high notes from the singing waiters, Natalie finally clicked what was about to happy and rushed back to her seat to join Kevin. The couple sang and danced – on our new gold Brentwood chairs and had an absolute ball, so much so that the last song from the waiters concluded with a conga line lead by bride Natalie herself.

My job as a wedding coordinator I believe is to remember every detail that my couples plan and present to me to make sure it all comes together smoothly on the day. But when a couple remember me mentioning how impressed I was by their favours, and that my favourite chocolate is Cadburys Dairy Milk… and present me with my very own extra-large personalised Dairy Milk, I could not believe my eyes. I was extremely gratefully for the mass about of chocolate gift to me, but even more so for remembering and thinking of me in their wedding planning.

Natalie and Kevin had a blast from start to finish on their wedding day, and were extremely thankful to all of their suppliers for helping them create their perfect day.

Kevin often told me about Natalie’s obsession with our Òran Mór Weddings Instagram, and I even remember seeing Natalie looking at our story on the day of her blinking wedding! Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Donaghy, I wish you both all the very best and know you will always be loyal Òran Mór fans… Natalie you have not only made it onto our Weddings Instagram but you are now an official member of the Òran Mór Wedding Blog club too!


By Pauline Muir

Pauline is the in-house Wedding Coordinator for Òran Mór.

0141 357 6214