Luisa Omielan

Luisa Omielan creates iconic one woman shows. She was the first comedian to receive a Bafta Breakthrough for stand up. Not the first female comedian. The first.

Now, 10 years after ‘What Would Beyonce Do?!’ propelled her into the spotlight, she brings together the best bits of every 5 star show since. Viral before there was tiktok, except cow impressions, thigh gaps, Mary Magdalene and relationship boat analogies.

Authentic, raw, honest and timeless, its the only show that can make you laugh your head off and cry your eyes out simultaneously.  Book now!

What some audiences have said:

Medrian Stroud

Luisa pulls you in, chews you up and carefully spits you out whilst giving you a hug. If you haven’t been to one of her shows then you won’t understand what you are missing!

Jennifer Oliphant

An emotional rollercoaster ride throughout the whole show. You will always leave, feeling good about being alive. She keeps it realer than real.

Natalie E

makes you feel all the feelings, like every single one. Knocks you off your feet with ugly crying, & belly laughter the next minute You 100% genuinely have no idea what you’re missing

Daniel Burton

A completely original and unique comedian. Nobody does shows like Luisa.

What some Press have said:

‘One of the biggest stand up hits of the decade’ – the Guardian

‘Luisa is Hilarious’ – Vogue

‘One of the most important shows on the fringe’ Telegraph

‘She should be on the national Curriculum ‘ Kate Copstick- Scotsman

‘You’ll have the time of your life and you’ll owe it all to her’ Chortle



Event Details


Show Starts: 8pm

Venue: The Venue

This event is 18+ only.

This is a seated event.