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Òran Mór Christmas Panto 2018: The Lying Bitch and The Wardrobe

Written by Morag Fullarton

Cast: Dave Anderson, Maureen Carr, Hannah Howie & John Kielty

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some are still poisoning door handles…”

Empress Evilyin has promised that the people of Escozia will live happily ever after, but no sooner is she elected than the sweet old dear turns into a power crazed despot, banning all manner of pleasures including, pies, tablet and, most fiendishly cruel of all… SINGING! And it’s the jile for anyone who disobeys, oh yes it is!

But the World is not Enough, she sets her sights on Handsome Jack, betrothed to Ravishing Rosie, and will stop at nothing till his pyjamas are next to her nightie. Enter Dame Beanie Bumpherton aka ‘the Human Jukebox’ and Zorra the Masked Singer: their mission – to discover Evilyins deep, dark secret (probably in her Wardrobe) and get her banished to Goolag Achiltibuie.

Performances |26th Nov - 29th Dec 2018| Mondays - Saturdays
DateDoors OpenShow TimeTicket Price
Mon 26th Nov12.30pm1pm£15
Tue 27th Nov12pm1pm£15
Wed 28th Nov12pm1pm£15
Thu 29th Nov12pm1pm£15
Fri 30th Nov11am / 1:30pm12pm / 2pm£15
Sat 1st Dec11am / 1:30pm12pm / 2pm£15
Mon 3rd Dec12.30pm1pm£15
Tue 4th Dec12pm1pm£15
Wed 5th Dec11am / 1:30pm12pm / 2pm£15
Thu 6th Dec11am / 1:30pm12pm / 2pm£15
Fri 7th Dec11am / 1:30pm12pm / 2pm£15
Sat 8th Dec11am / 1:30pm12pm / 2pm£15
Mon 10th12.30pm1pm£15
Tue 11th Dec12pm1pm£15
Wed 12th Dec11am / 1:30pm12pm / 2pm£15
Thu 13th Dec11am / 1:30pm12pm / 2pm£15
Fri 14th Dec11am / 1:30pm12pm / 2pm£15
Sat 15th11am / 1:30pm12pm / 2pm£15
Mon 17th12.30pm1pm£15
Tue 18th Dec12pm1pm£15
Wed 19th Dec11am / 1:30pm12pm / 2pm£15
Thu 20th Dec11am / 1:30pm12pm / 2pm£15
Fri 21st Dec11am / 1:30pm12pm / 2pm£15
Sat 22nd Dec11am / 1:30pm12pm / 2pm£15
Thu 27th Dec11am / 1:30pm12pm / 2pm£15
Fri 28th Dec11am / 1:30pm12pm / 2pm£15
Sat 29th Dec11am / 1:30pm12pm / 2pm£15

Please note: The Òran Mór Christmas Panto is aimed at an adult audience and does contain some strong language and adult themes. Recommended for 14+ years


Please note that ALL tickets for the Panto will be available in advance from / 08444 771 000 (booking fee will apply)*


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Show Starts: 3pm

Venue: The Venue

Over 14s only - under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

This is a seated event.