Two’s Company by Gillian Duffy

The New Comedy Drama from the Writer of The Ghosting of Rabbie Burns and Co-Writer of The Wedding Planners

Two’s Company by Gillian Duffy

Maureen Parker is a hopeful romantic. She is also 55, twice divorced, single and the owner of ‘Two’s Company’ Matchmaking Agency, a new Dating Service for those who prefer ‘a more traditional approach’ to finding love – aka the local old-school lonely-hearts who think Broadband is a new pop group and mobile dating means holding hands on a stairlift.

Maureen’s been in the business of love for over thirty years, long before texting, swiping and poking became obligatory, but her ‘clients’ are more likely to be on Warfarin than WhatsApp, and the only posting they’re doing is sending their dating disasters into Maureen’s weekly Advice Column in the hope of some romantic rescue.

As Maureen comes to terms with spending another weekend with a bottle of Pink Gin, Alexa’s Top Ten Tearjerkers, and a pile of lonely hopefuls the tide wouldn’t take out, she receives an enquiry that rings a few unexpected bells; her first love, Michael, the one who broke her heart, is back in town…and he’s looking for a date – with her.

But does she want to see Michael again after all these years?

Can she bear to meet him for a coffee in Glasgow, back to where they first met?

And, more importantly, is Maureen ready to stop looking for love for others and find it for herself?

‘Gillian Duffy’s work is beautifully written and laced with humour throughout’ – Into Creative

‘Duffy’s brilliant, compact commentary on Modern Love’ – Dundee Review

‘Gillian Duffy’s writing takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotion’ –

Rescheduled from 6th and 7th June 2021, to 11th and 12th May and now scheduled for Monday 12th September 2022. Original tickets valid 

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Show Starts: 8pm

Venue: The Venue

Over 14s only - under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

This is a seated event.