Urzila Carlson

Welcome to the days of mind your own business and don’t comment on others’ business. Not their gender, sexuality, body, hair, educationor career. Also, welcome to the days of total oversharing on social media, but STILL: mind your own business. We want to talk about things and want everyone to know IT’S PERSONAL!

We’ll tell the world about our bikini wax on Facebook, but hit the roof if anyone asks us about education or preference in nappy brand. This is a show about keeping your cards close to your chest but walking around naked. Can we have it all? Yes, but also bloody no, because it’s none of your business: IT’S PERSONAL.

Buy soon, buy quick. The proof is in the pudding. Carlson is a guaranteed sell-out… catch her while you can on her UK tour.Carlson has become one of the biggest names in comedy in Australia and New Zealand. It’s Personal arrives hot on the heels of her last tour, Token African, as well as her NETFLIX hour-long comedy special Overqualified Loser (released in 190 countries) and her episode in the streaming service’s Comedians of the World series.

In April she won the People’s Choice Award for most tickets sold at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival –with a whopping 30,000. It’s the second time she’s won the coveted prize, after also being the festival’s top seller in 2019.When she’s not outselling everyone at one of the world’s biggest comedy festivals, Urzila is working on her podcast That’s Enough Already!, which has shot to the top of the Comedy charts in Australia and New Zealand.And later this year she’ll make her mark in feature animation as the voice of Honkus in the filmOzi, alongside Donald Sutherland, Laura Dern, Ru Paul and Amandla Stenberg.



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Venue: The Venue

This is a seated event.