Top of Byres Road, Glasgow, G12 8QX

Arts for All

At the very heart of Òran Mór is our founding principle of ‘Arts for All, All Year Round.’

Our entire ethos was beautifully summed-up by TV personality and antiques expert Anita Manning, when she recently described Òran Mór as “A most wonderful centre of culture for Glasgow, one of the most wonderful centres that Glasgow has ever had. It brings together the visual arts, it brings together theatre, it brings together literature, it brings together all these things to make them available to us, the ordinary guy.”

We will continue to support Scottish artists, actors and writers throughout our diverse arts programme, and our ever expanding collection of artwork, on display throughout our beautiful building for all to enjoy.

Alasdair Gray – Sandy Moffat

David MacLennan – Sandy Moffat

Currently on display

  • Tam O’Shanter – 10 major paintings by Nichol Wheatley
  • Celestial Ceiling Mural – by Alasdair Gray
  • Bella Caledonia – by Alasdair Gray
  • Alasdair Gray – by Sandy Moffat
  • David MacLennan – by Sandy Moffat
  • Landscape Stained Glass – by John K. Clark
  • ‘Songs of Scotland’ Panels – by Sheila Tandy
  • Wee Folk Dancing – by John K. Clark
  • Scottish Wildflowers – by Lizzie Lochart
  • Various Artwork – by Bill Blackwood
  • Alasdair Gray – David Richardson
  • ‘Striving for Grace’ – Òran Mór Halo


We also continue to commission artwork for display in the local community and recently installed The G.I. Bride – a long running character in Bud Neill’s Lobey Dosser series – by Ranald MacColl, at Partick rail/underground/bus station.

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25th june- 20th july

Mumbelina is in trouble. You see, life isn’t easy when you’re short. Just ask Dec from Ant & Dec. But Mumbelina has started to shrink, rapidly!

One morning Mumbelina wakes up to discover she’s shrunk to smaller than Glasgow city council arts budget. And to make matters worse she’s been kidnapped by the wicked amphibian dark overlord Froggie Mercury.